My New Zombuddy, Kirk Hammett

Kirk Hammett

I was recently a guest at the Mad Monster Party in Charlotte and was able to meet one of my longtime idols and inspirations, Kirk Hammett – lead guitarist and songwriter for Metallica, author of Too Much Horror Business, and creator of the KVH Toys line.

I saw him approaching my booth and pointing to one of my paintings. I had a mini panic attack. Okay, maybe a big panic attack. I don’t usually get starstruck, but Kirk has had such a big influence on me – when I was young and playing guitar, and now again, as a fellow horror fanatic – it was overwhelming and exciting!

It was such an honor for me when he asked to buy a couple of my Zombuddy t-shirts for his kids. And when he saw my portrait of him, the first thing he said was,

“That’s how I feel in the morning!”

A few weeks later, while at the after party for Kirk’s screening of the 1934 film The Black Cat, I had the pleasure of meeting his wife. I showed her the painting on my phone, and she asked, “How did you know what he looks like in the morning?”
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Meeting Kirk was definitely one of my all-time favorite moments!

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